Computing for Disaster Management Workshop

This one-and-a-half-day National Science Foundation (NSF)/Computing Community Consortium (CCC) co-sponsored visioning workshop on computing for disaster management identified ways in which fundamental computing research in the broadest terms can advance the field of emergency response and recovery.

The workshop identified (1) fundamental research questions for individual computing disciplines and (2) cross-cutting research questions requiring novel, multi-disciplinary solutions. The workshop included U.S. leaders in academia, the public sector, and industry. Results of this workshop were presented to the NSF by June 20 in order to inform possible future initiatives.

The workshop included presentations from invited thought-leaders and agency representatives, brainstorming, and case studies and focus group sessions with disaster professionals. Participants met and engaged with scientists and practitioners outside their areas in order to share and identify multi-disciplinary opportunities.



Full Report

- [Computing for Disasters: A Report from the Community Workshop]