CCC National Privacy Research Strategy May 2015
Towards a Privacy Research Roadmap for the Computing Community

CS URGE: Computer Science Undergraduate Research and Graduate Education
This page is intended to help undergraduates in computing fields find summer research opportunities and resources for applying to graduate school.

CCC-Led White Papers
The CCC provides industry whitepapers to keep up with industry insights and best practices.

Press Releases
This page is designed to provide specific, but brief, updates regarding events or other happenings associated with CCC.

Various presentations pertaining to the computing community.

A collection of articles from Computing Research News, a publication of CRA.

Research Highlights
Computing Research Highlight of the Week highlights some of the exciting and important recent research results in the computing fields.

Computing Research in Action
Video segments to educate and excite the public about the cutting-edge research being done by computer scientists across the country.

Short Videos For Undergraduates
A collection of short videos that provide undergraduates with concrete examples of current research in computer science.

Computing Postdoc Job Opportunities
View and post job opportunities for postdocs in computing.

Computing Postdoc Candidate Profiles
Review and publish computing postdoc profiles.