Data Analytics

Today, data available via the Internet, sensor networks, and new and higher resolution sensors across the sciences allow us to capture more data about people and the world than ever before—and the rate at which quantities of available data are compiling is accelerating. Coupled with recent advances in machine learning and reasoning, as well as rapid rises in computing power and storage, we are transforming our ability to make sense of these increasingly large, heterogeneous, noisy, or incomplete datasets collected from a variety of sources; to visualize and infer important new knowledge from the data; and to guide action and policies in mission-critical situations, enabling us to make the best decisions. The pipeline of data —> predictive models —> decision analyses will transform many facets of our daily lives, from healthcare delivery to transportation to energy and the environment.


These methods will be critical for Federal agencies tasked with protecting America from threats, and they have the potential to alter how we educate the next generation, how we interact with one another, and how we protect our personal privacy and security in an era of constant connectivity and unfiltered access. Ultimately, data analytics—enabling the transition from data to knowledge to action—is critical to address our nation's priorities and to ensure our nation's prosperity well into the 21st century.


Hadoop Summit

- March 25, 2008, Sunnyvale, CA

Data-Intensive Computing Symposium

- March 26, 2008, Sunnyvale, CA


  • Advancing Discovery in Science and Engineering
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  • From Data to Knowledge to Action: A Global Enabler for the 21st Century
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  • Enabling Evidence-Based Healthcare
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  • Enabling an Initiative in "New Biology"
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  • Enabling 21st Century Discovery in Science and Engineering
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  • Enabling Advanced Intelligence and Decision-Making for America's Security
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  • Enabling a Revolution in New Transportation
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  • Enabling Personalized Education
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  • Enabling the Smart Grid
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