Researching ways to apply the unique nature of human eye movement to computer technology

Oleg Komogortsev, assistant professor in the College of Science and Engineering, said eye-movement behavior is unique to every individual and difficult to replicate. Komogortsev’s research is based on ocular biometrics, the practice of observing human behavior through the eyes. The results could eventually be used by governmental agencies for identification purposes and by doctors during the diagnostic process.

“My goal, with help of student researchers here at Texas State, is to develop eye tracking technology that communicates with computer systems using the human eye,” Komogortsev said.

Komogortsev said the field of ocular biometrics is in its infancy, but the potential is limitless. The research Komogortsev is developing can be used in the medical field to identify eye movements associated with concussion and traumatic brain injury patients. The research will help doctors reach a diagnosis more quickly.

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Source: The University Star


Oleg Komogortsev, Texas State University - San Marcos